Game Info

Chainbreakers is a strategy-rpg that integrates cryptocurrencies and digitally scarced game assets by design. Players are incentivised to earn dividends by actively playing the game and strategically develop their assets. While the backend runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is programmed in Solidity smart contracts, the games virtual reality front-end will be accessed from the Decentraland metaverse.

The games quest areas will be deployed around the metaverse which requires the players to travel as the storyline progresses. Chainbreakers partners up with Decentraland land investors. For them it will be possible to generate passive dividends by hosting quest areas on their parcels. The amount of dividends depends on the revenue generated on the hosted scene.

Chainbreakers is set in Ancient Greece, during the reign of a cruel government. Players enter the world and are tasked with supporting the rebellion. Gameplay elements include gathering suppressed slaves and integrate them into the players rebel squad to lean against the tyrannic system, claiming items and loot, and forging partnerships with other rebels to embark on the most dangerous challenges in the realm.

Stories about legendary relics and powerful items in mythological dungeons get spread throughout all levels of greek society. Units are executing orders while strategic leaders systematically train of units and acquire certain items to be prepared for more ambitious quests.

The player hires units and can level them in three different roles by sending them to quests. Units can be equipped with items that increase stats and enhance the chance to successfully solve quests to obtain loot and more experience. Quests that require more than one unit slot can always be attended in multiplayer mode.

Endgame raids require lots of high level units which forces the community to actively collaborate. Those units need to be trained in several roles to fit the requirements of the quest slots. A pvp mode is planned and will be implemented as soon as state-channel technology has matured.

Each quest area has a dividend pool that is filled with MANA from the revenue is generated through gameplay: a percentage of the MANA spent in different questing areas is contributed to these dividend pools. A certain percentage of this MANA pool is then periodically set aside for the players in that quest area.

The amount of the dividends is calculated based on how much experience different units earn, and can be withdrawn at any time. To save gas fees, players can withdraw their MANA dividends every other period (or less).

Items contribute a large chunk to the total power of a unit and can be passed down to lower level units once out-leveled. By managing units in multiple questing areas, players can maximize their dividends. So, more powerful items can be considered as a more valuable long term investments.

Chainbreakers is part of the Decentraland metaverse and can be accessed from any modern browser. The WebVR game will be playable on desktop, mobile and VR headset. Any greeting, conversation and quest description is translated into an audio file by an AI based text-to-speech algorithm to spare the players eyes while playing in VR.

Non-fungible tokens are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The whole game design is written in smart contracts which enables transparent and fair gameplay.


Look And Feel

En early glimpse into development and design

This media section is updated during the games creation. To get an even deeper look into development and design progress we suggest to follow our Twitter and subscribe our Medium blog.

Everything you see in this section should be considered as work in progress. Only the weapons that are sold in our Crowdsale are final. Especially environments and NPC models will be improved over time: We are working towards the perfect quality level within Decentraland's polycount restrictions.



Deploying mvp build to test net. This version is playable but lacks balancing. Early feedback on gameplay for the first time.



Deploying alpha build to test net. First time talking to the community on larger scale to balance the game vertically and horizontally.



Deploying beta build to test net. Only bug fixes from here. New features are kept from here. Focus on polishing and balancing.



Shipping the first stable build of Chainbreakers to main net. The game is now playable from within the Decentraland client.


Crowdsale FAQ

Decentraland is a virtual reality metaverse that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Chainbreakers has partnered with their team and will be a launch title for the platform. The Decentraland FAQ section answers additional questions.

MetaMask is browser extension and allows the usage of dApps. Take a look at this guide to learn how to use it.

Chainbreakers utilizes the official Decentraland MANA token. It will be the main form of payment during the crowdsale. The easiest way to convert Ethereum to MANA is on the official Decentraland market which is powered by the Bancor network. MANA can also be purchased on various exchanges.

Only a finite number of items (ERC-721 tokens) will be released. Players and investors will be able to purchase items ranging from five different quality levels, with higher quality items becoming increasingly rare and more sought after. Players will be able to use these items in-game to drastically increase their units’ performance, directly affecting the MANA dividends they can earn while playing the game.

Items can carry 6 different stats that are linked to three different unit roles. As already mentioned in the game info section, quests can require units that are trained in multiple roles: An item which is equipped to a Paladin unit (healer + tank) affects intellect, wisdom, vitality and charism. Keep this in mind when you equip your parties.


  • Intellect
  • Wisdom


  • Vitality
  • Charism

Damage Dealer

  • Tactics
  • Dexterity

According to our roadmap the game will be released in September 2019. Along the way there will be an alpha and beta testing phase.

Blockchain transactions are irreversible. We will not provide any refunds or exchanges. It is not possible for us to stop, cancel or revert transactions on the Ethereum network.

Never share your private key or secret phrase. Backup the phrase and keep it in a safe place. We are not able to restore any wallets.


Qwellcode Team in early 2017

The Germany-based virtual reality studio Qwellcode is actively developing Chainbreakers. The company has been focused on building applications for Decentraland. One of these projects is the Etheremon VR implementation.

The first version of Chainbreakers has been demoed at ETHBuenosAires in May 2018. After talking about our ideas and plans, we decided to strengthen our partnership by making Chainbreakers a Decentraland launch title.

Qwellcode with Ariel Meilich and Esteban Ordano during NIFTY

Chainbreakers is going to be VR launch title for Decentraland. Our team has been working with them for months and beliefs in the pioneering implementation of their decentralized metaverse. Chainbreakers will integrate the Matic Network plasma EVM side-chain to provide second layer scalability in mid-term.

An OpenSea integration is going to provide a smooth crowdsale and more importantly a reliable and trustworthy second market for Chainbreakers player base.

Chris during NIFTY conference in Hong Kong

Before joining Decentraland as Experience Architect, Christopher Chapman designed and created all sorts of fun games and entertainment experiences at Disney. Now, he’s eager to help build the next version of the internet at Decentraland.

With over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, Chris brings a wide set of skills that will help us make Chainbreakers the best game that we can.

Read the full announcement on our Medium blog.